Your task involves researching the life of any published Canadian poet and analyzing any one of their poems for the devices

| May 26, 2014

What is the full name of this poet?
• Where did they grow up and where do they live now (if still living)? How did this influence their writing?
• What was the family background of the poet? How did this influence their writing?
• What did they do for a living? Was writing a hobby? Why or why not?
• Did they write a specific genre of poetry? Why?
• When did they live? How did era in which they grew up affect their writing?
• Any other valid questions that you feel are important to recognizing your poet.

In reviewing one of their poems, analyse the usefulness of the following aspects of their poem:
• Narrative
• Meaning
• Metaphors
• Similes
• Extended Metaphors
• Stanzas
• Imagery
• First Person Point of View
• Direct Address
• Free Verse
• Third Person Point of View
• Sentence Control
• Diction
• Any others you feel are important in analysing the poem

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