Young Gifted and Black

| February 3, 2014

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write a 10 pages relection paper on the book Young Gifted and Black: Stereotype Threat – Has it affected you? • Include three reasons you think there is a widening disconnect between the desire to read and learn in the past and the lack there of today. Include your own experience and if it is changing as a result of this book. • Give some suggestions you could practice in your own life or in your community to Close the Gap. • Tie in what you learned from The Drum Major Instinct by Martin Luther King Jr. Also write a 1 page reflection from a chapter in the book Picturing Us (excluding the chapter on Lynching.
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Young Gifted and Black Young Gifted and black is a book reflecting on the African-American profile achievements. Gap in achievement is evident in blacks and this has created the necessity for analysis by a scholars and educators. Disparities in achievements have been evidenced especially in the scores of assessments, patterns of course enrollment and the resources allocation. Disparities in the achievement of African American students have been attributed by numerous challenges (Berry, 2004). African American students have been associated with pride, low achievements and poor aspirations. Most of the students have been expelled from schools on the bases of differential patterns, tracking practices, poor achievements and curriculum inequities. The stereotype threat has affected me on various occasions………..ORDER NOW…
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