You work for the Computer House (CH), a computer retailer and service provider in your city. You are the training manager within CH. CH employs approximately 250 people in a variety of positions that range from retail and customer service specialists in the store to on-call technical home support to all of the supporting functions of the organization (e.g., accounting, human resources, purchasing, etc.). CH is entertaining the option of providing a formal mentoring program to its employees but first it needs to identify some viable candidates to serve as mentors. As the training manager, it’s your job to put this program together.

| May 21, 2014
  1. How do you respond to each of these perspectives?
  2. What is your summary recommendation for developing the mentor program?

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Think about a day in your life when you felt one of the following emotions strongly: Fear, pity, heartbreak, passion, hate, affection, love, sadness, joy, sorrow, empathy, devotion, triumph, weakness, sympathy.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of a large organization (bureaucracy)? Do you think the government went far enough or too far when it restructured various departments into the new Department of Homeland Security?

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