You will analyse a case study identify critical roles, analyse forecasts for demand and supply for these roles, idenfity and prioritise gaps and risks.

| June 19, 2015

You will analyse a case study identify critical roles, analyse forecasts for demand and supply for these roles, idenfity and prioritise gaps and risks.

Background: An environment of rapid change, tightening labour markets, and increasing uncertainty is making talent management a strategic imperative for most organisations. While the strategic importance of talent management is being increasingly noted, there is less understanding and agreement of what talent management is in practice or how to effectively do it. The objective of this assessment is for you to develop an understanding and working knowledge of talent management. Specifically, you will need to conduct a workforce analysis of the case study (ABC Coal) provided.

Workforce Issue Analysis
You are required to conduct a workforce issue analysis for ABC Coal.

This is not a standard university essay but a business briefing report. The focus is on the logic of your argument and how well your report builds a clear coherent business case for decision makers. This means part of your task is to decide what information to include in your report and what information is interesting but not important. The writing will need to be crisp and precise. Focus on the quality of your analysis rather than the quantity.

The focus of this brief is to identify and prioritise ABC Coal?s workforce issues.

**You need to analysis available workforce data to identify and prioritise the major talent issues/risks facing ABC Coal. This will involve:
? Internal supply – Completing an internal supply forecast on ABC?s current workforce
? Demand forecast – Collecting and analysing ABC Coal?s future workforce requirements by position.
? Critical job roles ? identify ABC coal?s most critical job roles and focus on these.
? Gap analysis ? integrate the internal supply, demand forecast, and external supply data to identify the major workforce issues/risks facing ABC Coal.

An important element of this section is that you prioritise the issues and explicitly draw out the potential risks/implications to ABC Coal?s ability to execute its organisational strategy.

You will need to identify the two most critical job roles ABC Coal needs to focus on.

ABC Coal has requested that you submit your brief as a two page fact sheet (see fact sheet hints and tips, and templates).

Note, there are multiple potential correct answers to the case. Also note that adequately applying all the tools reviewed in the unit will not guarantee an excellent mark. It is only part of the process, a really good report requires that you synthesis this information to build a compelling case rather than just report findings.

The quality of your report comes down to how well you can justify your conclusions and how persuasive your argument/analysis is. Therefore, you will need to consider not just what you say but how you say it. Note, no references are required for this report. However, it will require you to demonstrate your understanding of talent management through application of your talent management knowledge.


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