You need to carefully read the text book chapters 1.2.3 to answer these questions.

| June 19, 2015

You need to carefully read the text book chapters 1.2.3 to answer these questions.
financial elements associated with advertising

Chapter 1 Review Question.
1. Draw a timeline and on it place as many significant advertising developments and events as you can recall.
2. Why is the financial element associated with advertising sometimes referred to as “spend” and sometimes as an “investment”? Does it matter?
3. Write notes characterising the structure of the advertising industry in a country of your choice.
4. What does single-stop shopping mean in an advertising context?
5. To what extent is advertising an integral part of society? Find 3 examples to support your view.
6. Write 2 definitions of advertising. How are these different and which do you prefer?
7. Identify four different types of advertising and offer two examples to illustrate each of them.
8. Prepare a short presentation in which you explain the role of advertising
9. Engagement can be considered to be a function of two forms of response. What are they?
Chapter 2 Review Questions
1. List elements that configure the core model on communication.
2. Writes brief notes explaining how much media influence communication.
3. Without referring to the text, draw the influencer model or communication.
4. Cheng et al (2009) identified four forms of interactive digital advertising. What are they?
5. Develop a presentation in which you explain the range of communication forms.
6. Describe each of the three core elements that constitute credibility.
7. Select 3 CEOs of your choice and consider the extent to which they ‘front’ their organisations.
8. Evaluate cognitive processing, using the model by Lutz et al. (1983) to shape your response.
9. Write a short series of notes explaining how advertising can be used to influence attitudes, and how the ELM can explain attitude change.
Chapter 3 Review Questions
1. Find two advertisements and write notes explaining how they depict the role of advertising.
2. Why is the use of emotion such an important part of advertising?
3. What are the essential differences between the involvement/play and salience/do frameworks of advertising? Find advertisements that are examples of these two approaches.
4. Write a short presentation explaining the differences between the strong and weak theories of advertising.
5. Select an organisation of your choice and find three ads it has used recently. Are the ads predominantly trying to persuade audiences or are they designed to reinforce brand values?
Draw the FCB grid and place on it the following products: shampoo, life assurance, sports cars, kitchen towels, box of chocolates
7. Prepare a report explaining the differences between the Rossiter-Percy and FCB grids.
8. Write brief notes explaining the 3 most effective advertising strategies as determined by the IPA




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