You have transferred to a country far away and of another culture.

| September 24, 2015

Global Project Guidelines this is an Individual Assignment. Each student will prepare a paper (4 pages) reflecting upon, analyzing and evaluating the scenario assigned. A power point presentation will be posted which addresses each of the questions listed in the assignment. You have transferred to a country far away and of another culture. been Your must research the country to determine it economy, health issues, education system, religious makeup and practices. Your paper must address the following: Please relate to your major or expected occupation.. 1. How will your annual income of $45,000 American place you in the economy? (rich or poor, increase danger if you are rich and one of the haves in a world of have nots, what will your budget look like, what about taxes, will you have excess income, if so what will you do with, etc) 2. How will you maintain a healthy lifestyle? (medical care, nutrition, gall bladder removal, etc.) 3. How will you practice your faith and relate to the other faith groups in the country. (Joining a group there, start your own church, evangelize and how, worship at home and keep it a secret, etc). 4. Leisure time and cultural. What are you going to do? (movies, plays, music, reading, what are the options? Hunting sports. 5. What about educational opportunities for you and your children, what can you do to help?

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