you are required to write two apa 1500 words essays for the midterm select any two o 2920829

You are required to write two APA 1500 words essays for the Midterm. Select any two of the following essays. The reference sources for each paper can be printed out from Articles for Essays. You may use other peer reviewed sources and government reports as references. Remember that you should assume that the readers (including me) do not have any knowledge of the material. Urban Theories Chapters 1, 3, and 4 present the major theoretical perspectives and major theorists in the field of urban sociology. This question allows wide latitude as how to address these questions for this essay. For this question, choose one of the three options. (Note: If your major is sociology and you intend to major in sociology in graduate school, I would strongly recommend that write an essay on one of the three options. Option 1. Discus the importance of symbolic interactionist theory, W. I. Thomas Theorem, Aselm Strauss and Lyn H. Lofland’s observations contribute to an understanding of urban sociology?
Option 2: From a historical perspective, Henry Sumner Maine, Ferdinand Tonnies, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Karl Marx and Georg Simmel are the major theoreticians in the development of urban society. Based on the text and the articles listed below, present the contribution of two of these theorists to the understanding this development of urban society.

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