you are part of the public relations team for the special olympics abu dhabi is host 2920995

You are part of the public relations team for the Special Olympics. Abu Dhabi is hosting the Special
Olympics World Summer Games in March 2019. The PR team has been asked to create a
recruitment campaign that will help to recruit around 20,000 volunteers who will help with the
Summer Games. The campaign, which targets high school and university students in the UAE aims
to raise awareness of the Special Olympics and generate interest in the volunteering opportunities
that the games will provide. The campaign is called “Volunteers of Determination,” and the main
slogans will be “Towards inclusivity” and “Be the games changer.”
The campaign aims to leverage on the following research insights:
1) Abu Dhabi is one of the four cities that has signed up for the inclusive city initiative of
Special Olympics. The conception of an inclusive city by the Special Olympics focuses on
four aspects for persons with intellectual disabilities: attitudes, access, opportunities and
social inclusion.
2) UAE nationals’ sense of national pride and identity
Among other tactics, the PR team has decided to create an advertisement targeted at Emirati
students and their families. Using the form given in the textbook, write a strategic message plan for
an advertisement that is aimed at getting volunteers from the given target group to sign up for the
Special Olympics World Summer Games.

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