Yahoo! Inc. Strategic Analysis

| February 16, 2014

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Analyze Yahoo! Inc.’s strategy and make recommendations. Include an executive summary and follow the section instructions below.
Paper should use data predominantly from 2011, 2012, and 2013.
Sources: Yahoo! Inc.’s Annual Reports and Yahoo! Inc.’s Website @
Internal analysis:
-Corporate mission, goals/objectives, and performance are assessed effectively
-Corporate strategy is identified and assessed effectively
-Competitive strategy is identified and assessed effectively
-Functional analysis (including financial & organizational components) is complete and accurate
External Analysis:
-Good assessment of major trends in the general environment
-Five-forces analysis is complete and reasonable
-Key success factors are explained adequately
-Fit between company’s internal environment and the external environment is sufficiently assessed
-Critical issues are precisely explained, including why these issues are “critical”
-Critical issues fit well with the internal and external analyses presented in this report
Alternative Strategies:
-Considers a range of alternatives that appropriately address the critical issues
-Key pros and cons are sufficiently described
-It is clear why these recommendations were selected from among the set of alternatives considered
-The recommendations are sufficiently integrated into a single consistent overall strategy
-Anticipates major implementation issues and barriers, then identifies a credible series of action steps to deal with them
-Executive summary offers a good overview of key issues and conclusions from the report
-Report is organized well, is internally consistent, and there is a logical flow of analysis and points
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