Xbox One Analsysis

| February 16, 2014

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Xbox one. Create a proposal detailing the problem xbox one will solve, the benefit to the company and why it should be implemented. The report will use porter models, to analyze and describe the business benefit. Some of the questions that must be addressed are listed below and may include more information:
– what problem will be solved
– description of the technology
– how the technology was evaluated
– what is the benefit to the company – cost benefit analysis
– what is the impact of the technology on other areas of the company
– implementation plan and resources required.
– Recommendation
Steering committee will need to be convinced why the product will benefit the company.
– The project presentation should be clear, concise, and informative
– Use these main sections: Introduction, problem analysis, selection criteria, impact/cost analysis, recommendations, implementation plan conclusion and team organization.
– include diagrams, tables, and photographs as desired to enhance the presentation.
Please make sure the slides are not just pictures but informative so that i know what i am presenting.
If a separate page of information can be provided, please do it that way.
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