Written Assessment 1- Essay: Ethical concepts

| July 16, 2015

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CURRENT references no more than 5yrs old. Minimum of 5 Journal references. HD criteria MUST BE FOLLOWED. ALL information and referencing MUST BE AUSTRALIAN ONLY. In-text referencing (using APA) MUST BE USED. 2500 WORD LIMIT, BUT CAN BE 2750 (MAXIMUM) as per criteria.

Written Assessment 1- Essay: Ethical concepts

Task Description Assessment item: Ethical Dilemma

Word Length: 2500 words


Task:The following scenario presents an ethical dilemma faced by the nurse caring for a patient. In an essay, present an argument to support or to discredit the telling of the truth to the patient before surgery.


Scenario:Mary Knowles, 34 years female, is in critical condition and is scheduled for emergency surgery following a severe motor vehicle accident. You have been informed during handover that her two children have been killed in the crash. She is almost hysterical and is asking you repeatedly about the condition of her children as you prepare her for emergency surgery. Do you tell the mother the truth about her children at this time or wait until after the surgery?

Suggested approach:You will need to utilised a  ethical reasoning approach to determine what the ethical dilemma is in the given scenario, what the possible outcomes are and justify (through the use of appropriate sources) the outcome that provides the best ethical outcome for the patient.Ensure you include terms and concepts from the Legal modules encountered in NURS11155.

Your submission presentation should include:

  • Title page (including details of your name, student number, course code and name, lecturer’s name, term and year and assignment number)
  • Abstract (information on abstract writing can be found on Moodle in the folder assessment information)
  • Essay with well constructed paragraphs with correct use of grammar and Australian spelling (information on essay writing can be found on Moodle in the folder assessment information)
  • Reference list (APA Guide can be found on Moodle in the folder assessment information)



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