Writing Conference Assignment

| November 16, 2015

The Writing Conference Assignment Directions

Your Conference Assignment has two parts.

First, read the files in the Writing Conferences Module which I will have attached to assignment, learn how to conference, and then to review a piece of writing created by an imaginary student in your assignment dropbox. You will prepare for a pretend conference by assessing the piece of writing that is provided for you in the dropbox and completing the Three-Point Form provided in this module. This form helps you to formulate what you will say and do in a “real” student conference.

When assessing writing, you discover the ONE area that needs the most work. Use 6+1 Trait language in your conference in this class. 6+1 will give you the words to say and show you what is important in writing.

When you read your students writing, you may find many, many errors, but when thinking about the 6+1 Traits, which trait needs the most work? That is what you will target in the conference. Naming too many problems will frustrate the writer.

When conferencing, you will identify the area of need and give one or two basic, easy to implement strategies that the writer can implement immediately. For example, if your writer is having trouble with Ideas and is not focusing on one topic, you may suggest that he write the one topic that he wants to write about on a clean sheet of paper. Then, tell him to begin writing sentences connected to this topic. See what an easy strategy that would be to implement.

Please be positive in tone, highlight the main problem, give specific strategies that the writer can implement immediately, and use the knowledge about writing that you have gleaned from this module, and the 6+1 Writing Traits.

Next, part two of this assignment, is to create an email to send to the family (parent/guardian) of this student. In this email, you must:

  • provide the member with a clear assessment of the student writing
  • provide a suggestion that the member can implement with the students right away at home

Keep the email text short, to the point, consider what you have read about strategies to communicate with parents, and think about the possible reading level of your readers. Consider culture, the words you say, and your tone. This email should be not more than two paragraphs in length. Consider your greeting, body, and closing. Paste the email text at the end of your Three-Point Form Conference.

Use This Student Personal Narrative to Analyze for the Writing Conference Assignment

As she walk through life Leeyah realized that she had come across a struggle in her life. She did not realize how she was going to get through it. Leeyah constantly asked herself what can she do to get through her trial and tribulation. Well she struggled with depression over a situation that her family had been going through and also with the breakup of a long-term relationship. Leeyah kept wondering Lord what do I do to get through this trial and tribulation. How can I overcome my struggles? She decided to turn to the one person she though could help her overcome this whole situation. She decided to turn to her mom, so Leeyah turned to her mom and asked her ” mom what can I do to overcome this this struggle that I have been going through?’ Leeyah’s mother replied, ” honey the only thing you can do is do what is best for you.” Her mom told her that she could not help her get through her problems and that she could only help herself. Leeyah’s mom also told her that the only person that can overcome their trials and tribulations are yourself. Giving this information to Leeyah, she sat and ponder about what can she do that is best for her and she also wonder what is best for her. She kept thinking about how could she move on from this problem. Leeyah came to the realization that she could only help herself. She felt that there was no way to escape.

Then Leeyah one Sunday Leeyah went to church and she saw a group of praise dancers dance to a song called Never Should of Made It. She realized that these dancers danced as if the weight of the world had been lifted off of them. Leeyah could related to the dances because it was something that she loved to do and she remembered how dancing made her feel. It made her feel as if she had no troubles in the world so she finally figured out what was best for her. She realized what she need to do to overcome her situation so to figure out how to handle her situation she decided to dance. Dance was a gift Leeyah enjoyed to do and a gift that she was very thankful to have. Leeyah decided to dance through the night to overcome her problem. She decided to put on the same song and dance her way through her problem. She realized that dancing helped her to see her problem in different light. It allowed her open her mind and free herself from everything that was going on around her. It also allowed her to remove herself from the people that were hurting herself. She finally saw that dancing was the best way for her to release all her emotions and to understand that everything you go through happens for a reason.

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