Writing a research essay

| March 27, 2015

Writing a research essay


I need help in writing a research essay of 6 pages 1500 words 12 point font, double spaced focus the esay around a central thesis that at least tangentially concerns at least one of the comforty and obedience to authority experiments we have studied about Abu Ghraib2- introduce your thesis “Abu Ghraib prison in iraq” the state is your opinion “i haete what happened over there and it was non accepted behavior”3- strive for an interesting opinion, and satisfying conclusion.4- use the experiments, films, and your own research to support your thesis.4- include at least four sources outside the readings and films we covered in class, and use “MLA” citation with in text citations and “works citation” and a “works sited page”5- do not forget the “title” chose a title that will make someone wants to read your essay (NOT FOR EXAMPLE MY EASSY)6- make sure your essay meets college level writing standers in the following: focus, organization, paragraphing, development and details, style clatrity,style, grmmar, and mechanics.eng 211 collgethanks

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