| September 25, 2015

My Prewriting :

Rose’s Classmate’s, Ken, meant that he did not want to be an outstanding student competing with others by higher performance. Ken, wanted to be average by doing nothing that could make him outcast his friends, or make him special by a way or another. I would describe anyone who says this as a dreamless person who just wants to live his/her with not ambition. I think this what most of my classmates when I was in high school felt and wanted. However, there were some students who were highly motivated that they had the willingness and knowledge to do anything in order to get the highest grades and be among the best students in the honorary board. Personally, I had always wanted to achieve high grades in school so that I could be different from the majority of my classmates. My parents tough me to dream without limits and without restricting my imagination. They tough me how everything is possible and could be achieved by spending the sufficient time, energy and effort on it. However, this concept did not work with me in Math class. I was one of the worst students who never got better than C’s, which made me disappointed and always associate math with failure. My parents understood my fears about math and got me a tutor who helped me accept and understand a few of math problem. As a results, I started to participate in solving math problems at school but never was the best. This is the only class where I wanted to be average in.



The professor response :

Good job. In your prewriting, add the quotes from Rose in with your experience, and do a compare and contrast paper.

3 to 5 page paper in APA style


Using the excerpt from Mike Rose’s Lives on the Boundary, compare

your educational journey to the author’s in a three- to five-page paper.

Mike Rose is a first‐generation American Italian who grew up desperately poor and was “tracked” into remedial classes throughout

his education. Although his parents had few resources, they valued

education (sometimes more than he did), and tried to give him what he

needed to succeed. He prevailed, and is now one of the leading

education reformers.


Consider what Rose has to say about his early education and compare

your own education experiences to his: does your culture value

education, or are you going against tradition? Do you have the opposite

problem, that you feel pressured into attending college and excelling?

Have you “turned off” in classes before because you were not engaged in

what was going on? This is a compare and contrast, so be sure you are

using the text.


Review the pages in Rules for Writers on APA style and handouts to make sure you introduce your sources properly and use signal phrases to integrate your quotes.


– Use quotes from the text to illustrate Rose’s experience that you are comparing to your education.

– All of your quotes should be integrated into sentences. Use APA style and have a References page.

– Have an imaginative title that is not the name of one of the works being discussed.

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