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| October 3, 2015

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from the book organizational culture and leadership (fourth edition )

answer the following Questions

Chapter 13

What role does culture play in the creation of a specific company’s culture?

What are the essential elements in the employee that the company needs in the transitional phase to make it more stable and organized, whether from owning families or company managers?

Chapter 14

How can the leader be a better role model for the workers?

What difficulties will a leader face in order to change the culture?

Chapter 15

How do leaders adapt to change as the company grows?

Chapter 16

How can a leader choose a good general manager?

Chapter 17

What are the 5 valid reasons cited that explain learning anxiety?
How would you create psychological safety for organizational members?
Chapter 18
What are the various ways in which cultures evolve and change ?
What are some (at least 4) of the key assumptions made about culture in the chapter?

Chapter 20
What might a learning culture look like?
Name and briefly describe the 5 elements that leaders need to promote cultural change.


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Explain what is meant by the principle: "communication is inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable." Give an example to illustrate your answer.


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