Write one paragraph for each one of the two assignment in the description

I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.

1st assignment

In the following scenarios provide your preferred method of learning. Identify the strategy you use (ex.Visual, auditory or tactile/kinesthetic or a combination). Then expand on specifically what you do.

Note: I prefer Visual for this one.

  • Reading a chapter for a history course.
  • Writing the first draft of a research paper.
  • Completing math-based homework problems.
  • Studying for a test in a science course
  • 2nd assignment
    Explain on a time in your life when you had to motivate yourself to complete a task. How did you motivate yourself?
    When you run into a stumbling block do you stop or keep moving? If you stop, why? If you keep moving forward how do you motivate yourself to do so?
    Research indicates that self discipline is more important than I.Q. Do you believe the research? Do you think you are self disciplined when it comes to school? (Yes) Do you think you have great self discipline in other others besides school?
    Do you have a personal support network? If so, who are they?

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