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| November 15, 2015

Using the entire book, select ONE of the questions below to write a detailed, 350-word (approximately 1 ½ page) essay. You must includeinformation from class notes and other reliable sources as well as several selected short quotations from the book itself. You must use both in-text citations and a sources cited list, even for quotations from Bluebeard. Wikipedia is not a reliable source and should not be used. 10% of your essay grade will be based on your participation in the in-class discussion on the book. Your essay must be in hard copy and turned in on the due date.

Why does the author have the main character, Rabo, also narrate the book? How does this affect your involvement with his story? How did this help you understand how artists develop?

Why do you think that the author uses an Armenian-American as the main character?

What did the book tell you about how artists come up with ideas for their art?

Using your textbook, Understanding Visual Art Forms in Our World, choose terms from Chapter 3 (Style) and an interpretative approach from Chapter 6 (Looking at and Interpreting Art) to describe and analyze Rabo’s large final painting that appears at the ending of the book. Include specific information about the painting to support your analysis.

What does the book tell you about creativity?

Using your textbook, Understanding Visual Art Forms in Our World, take information from Chapter 7 (A Brief History of the Role of the Artist in Society), describe the several artistic stages that Rabo goes through in the book.

Why does Rabo decide to become an Abstract Expressionist? Be sure to explore what role you think his experiences as Dan Gregory’s assistant and in World War II played in his decision.

What happens to the abstract expressionist paintings that Rabo created? What does this teach us about artists’ materials?

Why did Rabo switch from abstraction to realism for his final painting?

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