Write an essay in which you examine your reaction to a theme or idea from essays “Mother tongue” by Amy Tan and analyze it

| March 6, 2014

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Write an essay in which you examine your reaction to a theme or idea from essays “Mother tongue” by Amy Tan and analysis it.
1. Do not do any internet research about the text.
2. Write PIE paragraphs with clear topic sentences that state the main point of the paragraph, and plenty of evidence and explanation. To provide evidence you’ll need to quote the text. Remember to introduce quotations with language of your own (signal phrases) that tells us who is speaking and in what context. Put the page number in ( ) at the end of the quote. Punctuate like this:
Signal phrase is a full sentence: Tan used to pretend to be her mother when she answered the phone: “This is Mrs.Tan” (60). Signal phrase is not a full sentence: When she answers the phone, Tan says, “This is Mrs. Tan”(60).
Or, quote fits into the grammar of the signal phrase: Tan describes her mother’s language as “Our language of intimacy” (59).
3. Begin your essay with an interesting introduction that leads to the thesis statement. This might be a good time to tell an interesting story about your own life. Your job in the introduction is to make your readers interested in reading your essay and to get to a clear thesis.
4. In your conclusion, don’t simply retell what you’ve already said in the essay. Use the conclusion to take the essay out into the larger world, or into the future. Students Guide 94 has good information on conclusions.
5. Compose your essay in STANDARD WRITTEN ENGLISH. If you’re concerned about your
editing skills, stop by my office hours before the essay is due, and we can review part of your essay together. Take the time to edit carefully, giving special attention to the items we reviewed in class. See the Writing Center and Writing Skills Improvement Center. Essays with numerous significant mistakes in each paragraph will be marked down a letter grade. Essays whose grammar makes the writing difficult to understand will receive a grade of E.
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