Write an essay answering the questions provided below

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Write an essay answering the question How do the cultural representations and cultural practices of Chicanos/as reflect their continuing struggle for freedom and empowerment, not only vis-à-vis Anglo American dominant society, but also within the community?

-Some examples of “cultural practices” are: zoot suits, slang, customized cars, and other subcultural texts; Chicana Studies and Chicana feminist analyses; gender and sexuality theories; production of art, poetry, film, music, and dance; Chican@ humor and satire.


Thesis: Must be at the end of the intro paragraph. This means the last sentence of your introduction paragraph must be your thesis statement.

-The thesis statement should tell me what cultural practice/representation you’re focusing on and how it caused freedom or empowerment.

Body paragraph(s): Are open to any type of configuration and structure since the question is very open ended. You can have as many or as little body paragraphs as you want. There is no mandatory number. Organize it in the way that makes more sense towards answering your question.

Conclusion: Reiterate your points and tell me what you did throughout the paper. Use the conclusion as a way to re-read your work and tell me the steps you took to answer the questions. Use it as a checklist, a way to make sure you answered all aspects of the question.

Sources: 8 Sources MINIMUM.

-5 must be from the reader:

-They must all be from DIFFERENT readings. You can paraphrase more than once from the same reading but it will not count as another source.

-All sources must be cited in one of the following formats:

(Author, Year), (Author, Title), (Author, Week#)

-Must remain consistent with the type of format you use.

-If steps above are not followed, points will be deducted.

3 Lecture examples:

-You can use any of the examples I have shown you through section

-Must be contextualized

-Must be referenced as either (lecture) or (section)

-One lecture example MUST be from Macias’ lecture.

*Voice paragraph is not necessary for the final. If you’d like to include voice, go ahead, but I will not be checking for it*

Breakdown of the Question:

-Remember the “how” in the question is asking you to explain a process.

-You are explaining how the cultural representation/practice that you’ve chosen, led the Chicanx person from a continuing struggle to freedom or empowerment.

-Mention the cultural representation/practice in the thesis.

-Make sure that you are analyzing two processes:

1. How the cultural representation/practice does the above through the Anglo American dominant society


2. How it does it through the Chicanx community.

-Yes, you are explaining both.

-Focus on organizing and structuring the paper in a way that considers both outside and within the community. (Find a way to do so, that is clear and does not confuse you.)

A Note on Cultural Representation/Practices:

Professor Macias listed several in the Final Study Guide sheet and on the Final Exam Tips sheet on ilearn. Choose the one you feel more comfortable explaining. Some popular ones include the zoot suit, the customized car, Chicana feminisms.

Think of it like this:

You have a car

This car represents your cultural representation / practice.

The car is trying to get from point A (continuous struggle) to point B (freedom or empowerment)

This car is driving on anglo american dominant society street.

It is your job to explain to me what that that process looks like.

Explain what it looks like through both the streets of anglo American dominant society and through the street of chicanx community.

The thesis should be clear and states the point of the essay. The writing should be clear and not complicated. I will provide 5 readings, from each reading you should use one example, make sure to use all 5 readings provided and provide an example from each one to support your claim. I will provide the 3 lecture examples as well, and you should use the 3 lectures as well and at least use one example from each lecture to support your claim.

You have 5 readings you should use at least one example from each reading ( Use all 5 readings )

you have 3 lectures and you should use at one example from each lectures.

You should cite your examples taken from the readings by addressing the authors name and the title of the reading.

When you cite an example used from the lecture cite them as lecture in (lecture)

At the end you should have used at least 8 examples in total and you should have provide an example from each source provided to you.

Please highlight the examples that you use.

Follow the format I will provide a good job and tip.

I have already attached the readings, and will attach the lectures later on.

Minimum 5 paragraphs no page or word count minimum as long as you address everything.

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