Write a Survey Paper

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  1. Write an 8-10 page paper (2,000-2,500 words) about the results of the survey conducted by the class; double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins with page numbers, in APA paper and citation format. Excluded from page/word count: title page, abstract, list of references, footnotes or endnotes, graphics (e.g., charts, graphs, maps, pictures and captions) and appendix.
  2. Include an Abstract (150-200-word maximum) and Keywords (3-4 words), which briefly summarizes the paper including the key preliminary findings.
  3. In the Introduction, provide an overview of the research topic, research question, research methods, and organization/outline of the paper.
  4. In the Literature Review section, write about published peer reviewed academic literature on this topic. Define key (or unfamiliar) terms and discuss the importance of this research topic. In the Literature Review, cite a minimum of five academic articles related to this issue (typically found through Google Scholar or another library search engine). Often students read more articles to find the best (most relevant) articles. You may use the articles from the homework discussion forum assignment.
  5. In the Methods section, explain how you conducted a survey to address your research question. Explain how the survey was designed (i.e., what were the survey questions?), how you collected survey data (i.e., who, where, and when did you survey?), and how you analyzed the data.
  6. In the Preliminary Findings section, describe the results of the survey. Summarize the answers (totals for all responses collected by the class) to each of the question. Conduct a crosstab using filtering in Excel to explore a hypothesis. Include this crosstab results (table) in the paper or Appendix.
  7. In the Conclusion, summarize your analysis of key preliminary findings, the limitations of the study, (i.e. issues of reliability or bias), how this relates to the literature, and suggestions for future research on this topic.
  8. Include a list of references that were cited (bibliography).
  9. For this paper, you should rarely use first person, “I.”
  10. Points will be deducted for not following the instructions/prompts and for typos and grammar errors.

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