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| November 26, 2015

The purpose of the assignment is to find up-to-date information that you would need to know in preparing to do business with another country. Select a country that is a major U.S. trading partner in the textiles and apparel area. Prepare a written analysis of that country that will include information that would be helpful to know, such as;





  1. Geographical location: language(s) spoken
  2. Major cities: major ports: major airport availability
  3. Natural resources: major agricultural crops
  4. Major types of manufacturing
  5. Major import and export: proportion of import and exports related to textiles and apparel: major trading partners in textiles and apparel
  6. Skills and educational level of workers
  7. Level of communications, power, and transportation infrastructure: any problems existing
  8. Economic level of consumer: expenditures of consumers: potential for their being customers
  9. Population
  10. Gross domestic product (track since 2005)
  11. Domestic inflation rate (track since 2005)
  12. Trade balance (track since 2000)
  13. Amount of foreign debt (track since 2004)
  14. Social, religious, ethnic, etc. problems that might affect trade
  15. U.S. exports to country, gross and textiles and apparel (track since 2002)
  16. U.S. imports from country, gross and textiles and apparel (track since 2002)
  17. Foreign investment in country
  18. Growth rate of economy
  19. Government structure: ruling party and attitude toward trade
  20. Participation in international organizations, such as ISO (in English, International Standard Organization)
  21. WTO or NAFTA members?
  22. Potential for trading in textiles and apparel
  23. Things to do or not to do if doing business in country
  24. Name, address, phone no., fax no., for nearest embassy
  25. Name, address, phone no., fax no., for nearest consulate
  26. Name, address, phone no., fax no., for nearest trade office or trade promotion organizations in the U.S.
  27. Name, address, phone no., fax no., for appropriate offices in country selected (Chambers pf Commerce or equivalent, trade associations, manufacturing associations)
  28. Name and location of U.S. government and private organizations that could provide information or assistance
  29. Internet sites for trade databases, business opportunities, exporters’ directories for country.


You may not be able to find all the information listed above and you may think of other things that you would need or want to consider in deciding whether to become involved in trade with the country that you selected.


Write up to information that you have found as a report, such as you would make to a company’s executive officers. Provide a list of sources of your information, which could include state and federal government publications (World Bank publications, United Nations or World Trade organization publications, telephone conversations and interviews, media sources, internet sources, professional literatures, newspaper, business publications, etc.). Note the large number of sources listed in the bibliography in the textbook. Be sure that you are using the current information. Prepare an oral presentation using PP slide.





The following web sites could be a reference.


California Chamber of Commerce                        http://www.calchamber.com/international/html

Export Hotline (a commercial site)                       http://www.exporthotline.com

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce         http://tradeport.org

California Trade and Commerce Agency                             http://www.commerce.ca.gov/internationa

Imex Exchange (trade promotion site)                                   http://www.imex.com

International Trade Law Library                                              http://www.intl-trade.com/library.html

Small Business Administration’s

Office of International Trade                                                     http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/oit

Minneapolis-based Export Institute                     http://www.exportinstitute.com

Assn. of International Business                                              http://www.earthone.com/internat.html

America Export Register                                          http://www.aernet.com

(directory of 45,000 companies, searchable by product and service categories in 6 languages. “Exporting from America” lists U.W. embassies, missions and consulates overseas and other nuts and bolts information.

The Commerce Depart has a subscription service to its site of trade and economic statistics (LA Times says information is available elsewhere).


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