Write a description of a client, including his or her clinical presentation, who you believe would benefit from pharmacotherapy and explain why.

| May 27, 2014

Client description: Lisa is a 14 y/o Caucasian female, middle class, living with both biological parents. Lisa reports that she has recurrent and persistent impulses and compulsions to count, add and divide (searching for a prime number), and that this is causing her increased discomfort and distress. Lisa states that when she attempts to suppress the impulse to count through distraction or intense concentration on a task, she becomes mentally agitated and gets a headache. Lisa says that while she has thus far been able to maintain her grades at school, she is finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, and is concerned about the increased demands of middle school academics as well as the plethora of new shapes that she will feel compelled to count in her new school. Lisa also says that her obsession over counting, adding and dividing the sides of square-like shapes causes her to become distracted during social discourse, negatively impacting her relationships with others.

Her diagnosis is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. How and why would pharmacotherapy benefit her?

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