write a critical review essay of “No Room at the Inn” by Yasmine Alibahi Brown, p. 321 from the Majlis textbook

| February 11, 2014

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Your assignment is to write a critical review essay of “No Room at the Inn” by Yasmine Alibahi Brown, p. 321 from the Majlis textbook
Choose any two logically related components from the Q and A to critique – logical in the sense that they complement each other; your thesis statement must express an attitude towards both these components…..these section are going to be your main ideas.
You will also have a third main point which is discussing the virtues and limitations of the article.
? In addition to Alibai-Brown, you are expected to document her biography where needed and a couple of dictionaries that you will use to define important concepts that you think may be confusing to your audience.
? To avoid unintentional plagiarism, remember to keep track of your quotations, paraphrases, citations and references. Proper documentation is expected.
Organizational plan:
provided in the outline on ilearn, critique essay assignment
The rhetorical situation:
Your primary audience is the author of the article, along with a secondary audience who is the general reader, one who is interested in immigration issues
Your purpose is informative and evaluative.
Your obvious context is immigration and your larger context is social growth and behavior/social values along with political and human rights issues
The critique requires from its author
a critical eye that can see beyond the text
sound opinion (based on textual evidence)
an objective analytical attitude towards the text – a good sense of judgment to see the issues first from the author’s perspective and then to assess the overall content from your perspective
fair tone, one that does not exaggerate or undermine the background, the position and efforts of the author of the text
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