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| February 10, 2014

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Instructions of the Community meeting Paper
Write a paper about your experiences at a community meeting. You can find these meetings at the city websites. They will usually discuss an issue related to the community. In this paper, your discussion should be in the following format. It needs to have at least 3 APA references. Your text counts as one.
I.Introduction: ( total 30 points)
A). What is the meeting about? Where is your meeting? (6 points)
B) Who are the stakeholders? In other words, who is affected positively and negatively? (6 points)
C) What are the issues involved? (6 points)
D) Why are the issues important? (6 points)
E). Discuss the background of your community. Demographics, sources of revenues, income, history, etc. (6 points)
II. Theories. (total 80 points) using the text book ( Homan, M. (2011). Promoting Community Change, (5th ed,). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.)
In chapters 1, 2, and 3, the above text discusses a number of theories in which a community functions. Please note that power, community capital (which includes different types of capitals), empowerment, action, oppression, praxeology,etc, are all different types of theories. Many students do not recognize this.
In this section, you will need to use theories to explain the issues involved in the meeting.
A). Use at least three (3)theories to explain the issues at the meeting that you attended. For example, if you use oppression theory, explain the etiologies of the oppression and the dominant groups who wish to perpetuate it as it relates to your issue, and how that affects the community. If you use systems theory, explain the different subsystems involve, as well as input, outputs, equilibrium, etc. If you use chaos theory, explain how a small change may lead to large unexpected changes concerning the issue discussed at your meeting.
III. Your role as a practitioner ( total 20 points)
A. Your strengths and weakness as a macro practitioner: Your professional experiences, if any. Your personal experiences, if any. (10 points)
B. Ways you can improve as a macro level practitioner (10 points)
IV. Miscellaneous (total 20 points)
C. A. Grammar, style, punctuation, run-on sentences, sentence fragments ( 10 points)
D. B. Clarity of writing (5 points)
E. APA style (5 points)
Details about the Community meeting
Residential Recycling Community meeting
The City of Richardson hosted a community meeting to receive input from residents in an effort to increase residential recycling and decrease recycling barriers.
Date held: Jan 28,2014
Location: Heights Recreation Center,
711 W. Arapaho Rd
Texas -75082
Time: 6:30 pm
(Text Book to use) Homan, M. (2011). Promoting Community Change, (5th ed,). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.
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