The topic of this class is (Introduction to Corporate Worship )and the question should be in a ESSAY format. The answers can be found in these books.

  • Costen, Melva Wilson. African American Christian Worship, update
  •      Duck, Ruth C. Worship for the Whole People of God.
  •    Hawn, Michael. One Bread, One Body. Exploring Cultural Diversity in Worship
  •        Long, Tom. Beyond Worship Wars.·         White, James F. The Sacraments in Protestant Practice and Faith1.Discuss the development of preaching from the early church through the 20th century3.Discuss the developments in baptism from the Medieval period through the Reformation, focusing on the4.Discuss the influence of the Reformers in the 7 theological meanings of the Eucharist as described in the work of James White.  Be specific in naming the Reformers.
    • Planning and Leading Worship
    • The Arts of Worship
    • Liturgies of Healing and Reconciliation
  • 5.According to Ruth Duck, what are the theological emphases for understanding worship?  Use 1 of these emphases to discuss one  of the following chapters from her text:
  • relation of baptism to faith, mode of baptism, time and place of baptism and process of initiation. 
  • 2.Discuss the keys concepts in part 1 of  One Bread, One Body: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Worship.
  • ·         Stone, Howard W. & James O. Duke How to Think Theologically 3nd  Edition.