Worldview/Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

| February 12, 2014

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Read the introduction to this unit.
In the Morrissette text ( Self Supervision: A Primer for Counselors and Helping Professionals), read:
Chapter 1, “Counselor Self-Supervision: A Historical Overview” (pages 1–32).
Chapter 4, “Reflectivity: The Essence of Self-Supervision” (pages 77–108).
In the Kottler text (On Being a Therapist), read:
Chapter 4, “How Clients Change Their Therapists.” Kottler writes prolifically and creatively about the struggles, hardships, rewards, and satisfactions of being a counselor. His personal experiences and insights will guide you through your own process of personal growth. This book can be a springboard for your reflections and explorations.
Read the Howard, Inman, and Altman article, Critical Incidents Among Novice Counselor Trainees.
1. Describe what ideas and factors are embedded in one’s worldview. Discuss how one’s worldview impacts the counseling process from a client’s and counselor’s perspective.
Reflect on the following:
2.Define self-reflection and self-awareness.
3.Articulate the relationship between self-reflection and self-awareness.
4.Explore the impact of self-reflection and self-awareness on professional counselor identity.
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