| November 21, 2015
Rk.cRELS 101


For this exam you will choose three topics – one from the Judaism topic list and one from the Christianity topic list and one from the Islam topic list below.   Your responses must be typed in essay format – that is, no lists, outlines, bullets.  Your responses to each topic should be about 250-350 words in length.  You should not need to go over this length.

In addition to the topic list, there is an extra credit question at the end.

Your responses should be typed in Times New Roman 12 font and single spaced.  You do not need a title page. Grammar and mechanics will be part of the final grade consideration.

As you will be citing material from the text (do not use outside sources) or from lecture you do not need a works cited page but you do need to use in text citations for quotations.  Quotations need to be clearly indicated as such.  While quotes are good here and there the bulk of your answers must be your own wording.  Retyping the wording from the text is plagiarism and zero credit will be given for the exam as a whole.

You will submit your exam in Blackboard using the assignment link provided in the Tests/Quizzes section in the Essay exams file folder.  You will find not only the link for submission but you will also see the attached assignment parameters.  Do not e-mail your exam and do not copy and paste your response in the submission box.  Your exam must be submitted as a Word document.  Open Office is also acceptable.  However, PDF files or exams typed in Wordpad will not be accepted.

Exams are due by Tuesday, July 23 by 10:00 pm.


Topic One: Page 386 – 386 of the text describes the Christian Crusades and their impact on the Jewish communities in Europe.  Describe the nature of the Crusades.  Then describe the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim Jewish groups.  Finally what were the ghettos?

Topic Two: Page 390 – 392 of the text describes forms of Judaism that have arisen during the 19th century.  Describe the central tenets of the following forms of Judaism: Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative

Topic Three: The section “Defining Jewish Identity” addresses the problem of defining Jewish identity.  Discuss the ways that different forms of Judaism define what it means to be a Jew.


Topic One; Summarize what you as the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity.

Topic Two: Page 445-447 of the text describes medieval monasticism and medieval mysticism.  Describe the following monastic groups:  Dominicans, Franciscans.  Then, describe the nature of medieval mysticism, including a discussion of prominent female mystics

Topic Three: Page 473 475 of the text describes recent theological trends.  Describe the essential features of the following:  Black Theology, Liberation Theology, and Feminist Theology.


Topic One: Describe the similarities and differences between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Include a discussion on how Muslims, Christians, and Jews view the person and role of Jesus.

Topic Two: Page 534 – 537 of the text describes the movements toward innovation and syncretism.  Describe the essential features of the following: the Ahmadiya, Baha’i, and Black Muslims of the United States

Topic Three: Page 521 – 524 of the text describes the issues in the modern period faced by Muslim communities.  Describe the essential features of the following:  Wahhabi purification, secularism in Turkey, modernism in Egypt, and reformulation in India.

EXTRA CREDIT (10 points)

Looking back over the religions we discussed this quarter, describe what you consider to be some universal themes – this may include theology, religious art, sacred stories, ethics, etc. Describe at least three themes that span the religions we discussed this quarter.



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