World Lit. II Preliminary Research Plan

| November 21, 2015

Preliminary Research Plan

This assignment is intended to provide the “raw materials” you’ll need to plan and write

the Research Essay (see Assignments for instructions and due date). It will also allow me to

give suggestions and comments on your plan before you write the final draft of the Research


For this assignment, you will create a plan and not an essay. The file you submit will

have two parts. First, write a 1-2 page summary of your plan for the research essay. Then, find

two secondary sources that relate to your plan, and for each source give the citation as you

would on a Works Cited page and underneath it, write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the source.

Please read the Guidelines below for step-by-step instructions, and let me know if you

have questions.


Step1–Read through the Research Essay file under Assignments, so you have an idea of

the way this Preliminary Plan will prepare you to write the Research Essay.

Step 2–Choose one or more of the writers/works on the syllabus and formulate a

“working” topic and approach. Here are some examples:  examining irony or social

criticism in Flaubert, the Modern vision in Baudelaire, the nature of religion in Tolstoy,

the magical realism of Marquez—or your own choice of any workable research topic.

Step 3–Write a 1-2 page discussion of your topic and approach.  Here are a few prompts

to get started:

–Why did you choose the work(s) and writer(s) that you did?

— Are there aspects of the works that you don’t understand fully?

What are they? Where could you look for answers?

–Brainstorm your topic, and then summarize the results.

–Come up with 3-4 questions that could be used to direct your

research. List them along with possible answers.

–Is your thesis starting to take shape? State it and discuss how you

might support it.

Step 4–Find two secondary sources that are relevant to your plan. Please

do not use any .com sources—I know there are some good ones, but

they are not allowed in this assignment or in the Research Essay.  The

Online Library (see Web Links) has hundreds of scholarly articles,

and you may find also find good sources using Google Scholar,

Advanced Search, minus .com. There are also excellent video lectures by scholars

from universities and colleges across the country.

Step 5–For each secondary source, write the citation in MLA format as you

would on a Works Cited page. Most articles in the Online Library

journals will give the correct citation at the end of the article. If you

need help with citations for other sources, use the OWL (Online

Writing Lab at Purdue University):

Step 6–Under each citation, summarize the article (or parts of it that you

think may be useful to you) in 1-2 paragraphs.  Examples of

summaries can be found here:

You may incorporate quotes as well. Be very careful not to plagiarize.

Review the definition of plagiarism before you write:

Scroll to see the next page for an example of the way the completed plan will look.




ENG 272 Research Plan


Preliminary Research Plan

Write a 1-2 page discussion of your research topic and approach (your “plan”).

Next, cite your first article and write the summary beneath it like this:

Smith, Amy. “Article on Your Source.” Scholarly Journal 1.3 (Spring

2013): n. pag. Web. Date you accessed the article.

Begin here and write your 1-2 paragraph summary of the article.

Cite your second source as you did above.

Begin here and write your next 1-2 paragraph summary.

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