World History Midterm Paper Part 2

| March 21, 2015

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Upshur and Terry printed book; world history before 1600: The Development of Early Civilization, 5th Edition, 2005, by Upshur, Terry, from EACH of the assigned readings/ chapters you have read, ch1-5 and 7 (e.g. Thoughts on History in the online text ch1-8 and chapter 1-5 and 7), select and simply list, in chapter order, the 7 (SEVEN) most important concepts, technical terms, people or events that you would want your students to remember from the reading if you were teaching this course. [NOTE: your final ‘Master List’ should contain a total of 47 short identifications = vocabularies.]

NEXT from this ‘Master List’ pick the TOP TEN(10) that you think are most important for any student of world history to know and in concise individual paragraphs identify each one – i.e. Tell me WHO OR WHAT IT WAS; WHEN; WHERE AND WHY IT WAS HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT – and, finally, WHY IS IT ENOUGH TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ‘TOP TEN’LIST. [HINT: their significant should be related to how they illustrate the larger themes of the course as well as how they might have affected the course of world history.]


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World history midterm paper part 2
Battle of Stalingrad


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