World Cultures

| May 19, 2015

WLDC 202: World Cultures II Section A
Dr. Gail Hammill
Paper #1 Assignment Due Date: Thursday, May 21st, both hard copy and copy by 5pm.(If either of these is not turned in on time the paper is considered late.)
Paper #1 is worth 20% of your final grade.
Directions: Choose ONE of the following scenarios and write a dialogue that illustrates a believable conversation given the historical context.Your paper should be 600-900 words. You can invent your own name for the characters if they don’t have one already.
1) The Merchant (or his wife) who commissioned Robert Campin’sTheMerode Altarpiece and an Iconoclast (either Muslim or Christian, male or female) discussing the TheMerodeAltarpiece.Imagine that both people are equally devout; they simply disagree where images and religion are concerned.
2) Henry VIII’s attempt to persuade Thomas More to accept his divorce publically and to become (an Anglican )Protestant. Keep in mind that Henry was motivated primarily by political motives and concerns while More’s concerns were primarily spiritual.
3) A father with a Medieval world view and a son with a Humanist world view discussing Michelangelo’s David. These different world values would include different attitudes toward the human body and toward human beings in general.

Word of caution: Though this is a critical thinking rather than a research paper,it should proceed from a viewpoint informed by our course materials. Therefore, do not begin to write your dialogue until you have reviewed the cultural context of these scenarios as presented in the book and/or slides.To receive a strong grade (c or above) your dialogue should reflect ideas, conditions, concerns or arguments relevant to the cultural context of the scenario In other words your dialogue should reflect the course content presented in connection with the artifacts or events referred to in these scenarios.
Finally, papers must be double spaced. I will not read any paper that is not double spaced. (you can resubmit a paper that is not double-spaced for a 5% penalty). Here is a reminder of what double spaced looks like:


Henry: Thomas, a word.
More: I fear it is to discuss my faith, a matter in which I must be guided by my conscience. I understand that you need to produce an heir but marriage is a sacred bond that cannot be broken. What is politics to God?
Henry: Then you would rather see me dethroned because I can produce no legitimate son?

To ensure your document is double spaced it is easiest if you go to paragraph in word and use “double” before writing your document rather than trying to adjust it later.
Grading Rubric for the Short Paper

Points 63-70 55-62 46-54 38-45 0-39
(70 points) All aspects of the assignment are fully addressed

Ideas are thoughtful and supported in accurate detail

Original, thought-provoking, complex ideas presented.
All aspects of the assignment are addressed
Most ideas supported in accurate detail
Interesting and relevant ideas presented. Most aspects of the assignment are addressed

Some ideas are supported in accurate detail
Acceptable ideas presented. Major aspects of the assignment are not addressed

Many ideas are not supported or are not accurate

Weak/largely irrelevant ideas presented. Fails to address the assignment
Ideas are not supported or accurate

Completely irrelevant or weak ideas presented

Grammar, mechanics, vocabulary , proofreading, and organization 27-30 23-26 20-22 18-19 0-17
Late but not turned in by next class -15%
Not Double
Spaced -5%



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