Workshop assessment � essay on police procedures

| June 19, 2015

Topic: Workshop assessment � essay on police procedures

In the text ‘Policing the World’ the author examines Community Policing. Using the text and any other research material on this subject you are to answer the following question:
Critically examine the conditions, which the author argues would impact both positively and negatively on the police procedures required to implement community policing strategy. (eg. eg. pay, motivation and moral of police, trust in the police, strong networks of community organisations)
In this 1,500 word essay you are to also locate a definition of community policing

The text = Casey, John (2010) Policing the World, Carolina Academic Press. North Carolina.

Further requirements = Clear introduction and identification of the conditions.

=Considers the positive and negative impacts on
police procedure.

=Demonstrates understanding of
How the conditions impact on
community policing.

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