Workplace or industrial health hazards

| February 17, 2014

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MY ASSIGNMENT IN ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ,BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SUBJECT AREA I CHOSE HEALTH AND MEDICINE I need you to do Assignment 1 then, after few weeks I will send you to do the Assignment 2&3. Please choose one of the topics below then write my proposal Also make 6 annotated references – this is very important I WILL SEND YOU IMPORTANT ATTACHMENT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY
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Workplace health related hazards have been on the rise despite various measures being taken to avert them. There has been an integrated effort by the stakeholders resulting in occupational safety and health programs to foster for the safe and healthy working environment in the places of work. Common workplace hazards include mechanical hazards resulting from impacts of force, physical hazards in the form of noise, lighting and vibration. Others are biological and chemical and psychological hazards. Industrial health hazards pose greater risk not only to affected person but also to other people such as co-workers, family members, employers, suppliers and customers. Besides, nearby communities and other members of the public who come in contact with the workplace environment have in some way been affected by industrial health hazards. This will analyze different types of workplace hazards, their causes and suggest ways of curbing them. The paper will audit the current methods being employed to tackle the problem of industrial health hazards, find out why it has not managed to eradicate the problem and recommend measures that might help reduce and eradicate the problem of workplace hazards…..ORDER NOW……
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