working in partnership with other professional in health and social care practice.

| February 10, 2014

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Assignment instructions
Topic: working in partnership with other professional in health and social care practice.
Based on practice knowledge, this essay will be based on a COMPARATIVE Approach to discuss MULTI-DISCIPLINARY AND PARTISANSHIP working in two different Health care service areas.
? A Mental health service.
? A Community Team service.
This essay will require the student to relate Health and social care theory to practice, using their work-based learning or experience, and to CRITICALLY discuss the implications for the delivery of service when working in partnership with other professionals.
Discussion should cover INTER-DISCIPLINARY WORKING AND MULTI-AGENCY Collaboration and the CONTEXT of changing government POLICY.
A 2000 word essay covering the following areas:
1. Shows understanding of the concept of multi-disciplinary and partnership work
2. Discusses how partnership working amongst professionals’ takes place in a mental health setting or service area and how it has been shaped by policy etc.
3. Compare how partnership working among st professionals’ in mental health and community team service has help the service users and how it has been shaped by policy etc.
4. Uses health and social care theory to compare different models of partnership working
The work should AIM to fulfill the following course learning outcomes
Critically examine the relationship of LAW, POLICY, RESEARCH, and PRACTICE within social care.
Introduction is very important:
50 words for introduction and 150 words for conclusion
Conclusion must summarize all four question and evaluate conclusion
Please reference must be in the Harvard standard five must be from internet source
Your work must be:-
Word processed / typed
• Size 12 font e.g. Times New Roman
• Double line spaced
• Right hand margin 20mm / 0.75”
• Left hand margin 40mm / 1.5”
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