Work Placement Report for Assistant Pharmacist

| February 18, 2014

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Technical Report
The aim of the report is to give the reader an adequate account of the work carried out, as concisely as possible and in a manner which would allow the reader to repeat the work satisfactorily. Adequate use should be made of references to relevant literature in support of claims and theories and when referring to results of earlier studies by other workers where appropriate. Text should be written in the past tense and in the third person.
The report should be divided into the following sections:
This should consist of a few words of thanks and appreciation to those who helped the student throughout the period over which the work was carried out.
This is a summary or synopsis of your placement work. It should be brief and self contained (half page to a full page in length) and should state the major objectives and findings of the investigation / work undertaken. It should answer the following questions:
> Why did you start the work?
> What did you do and why?
> What did you find?
> What do your findings mean?
Remember that the abstract gives the reader their first impression of the work.
> The Introduction introduces the study, sets the scene, and provides the reader with the insight into what will follow
> A concise review of the topic(s) under investigation, with references to previous work done on the subject(s), should be presented where appropriate
> The Introduction sets the study in the context of existing works in the area of research or in the context of the overall management of the organisation for which the work was conducted
> The main body of the chapter can be divided into a number of sections by using headings and sub-headings
> It should be presented logically and in paragraphs
> Sufficient background information should be supplied to allow the reader/examiner to understand and evaluate the results of the work carried out
> This chapter justifies your project and it should be obvious to the reader why you undertook the particular work reported
> It should include information on the structure and operation of the organisation and also information on the student?s role and responsibilities during the placement.
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