Work-integrated project 1

| May 20, 2015

Work-integrated project 1
Semester 1, 2015
School of Business & Tourism Genr.8001 Work-integrated project 1
School of Business & Tourism 2
Assessment 2:
Solutions, responses and evaluation (30%)
The purpose of this assessment is to develop a series of at least five concepts that represent potential solutions that address the Challenge identified in the first assessment.
The student will describe the precise nature of the Challenge and the behaviour habits of the group of individuals or organisation.
The student will list at least 5 possible solutions and then rank the solutions into a list of possible’s and two probable’s, Give your reasons for selecting the probable’s.
The student will then select one of the probable’s for further analysis, giving the reasons for its preference.
The student will then prepare a detailed SWOT analysis with likely responses and consequences for selected choice.
Finally, using the ‘hierarchical decomposition process’, the student will develop a research plan with assumptions for further investigation.
 Details and background of the Challenge and its impact on clients/customers/organisation
 List at least 5 solutions
 Identify Two Probable’s and the remaining Possible’s
 Select one of the Probable’s for further investigation and reasons for its preference
 Using the SWOT analysis, what are the likely responses and consequences of this choice
 Develop a Hierarchical decomposition plan for investigating the selected solution
Learning outcomes assessed:
1. critically analyse specific solutions to one significant identified challenge;
2. formulate a range of possible responses and solutions to the identified challenge;
5. evaluate responses to the identified challenge;
School of Business & Tourism Genr.8001 Work-integrated project 1
School of Business & Tourism 3
o The word length for this assessment should be between 2500-3500 words and applies to the main body of the assessment excluding the list of references and Appendix items. Your assessment must not include any content previously used by yourself or anyone else.
o Line spacing for the assessment is to be 1½ lines.
o Include centred page numbers in the footer.
o Use a 12pt Times New Roman font.
o The due date for this assessment is, May 15th ,4.00pm
The assessment contributes 30% of the total course grade and is marked out of 50 marks.




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