Work Health and Safety – System Effectiveness of Building Demolition Industry

| May 19, 2015

This is a series of assignments (three parts – hazard identification, risks and control, system effectiveness) on topic “work health and safety”. The Industry I have chosen is “Building Demolition Industry”. I have already completed the first two parts. I want you to work on “system effectiveness” part of the assignment.

The three hazards that I have chosen in my ‘Part A’ of the assignment, which are resulting in illness, injury or death in building demolition industries were: Hazardous Building Materials – mainly focused on asbestos and lead, Manual Handling and Powered Mobile Plant.

In ‘Part B’ of assignment, I described the various risks associated with the mentioned hazards and their control measures, as provided by the Victorian OHS legislation, regulations, guidelines and Australian standards.

To be noted: I want you to focus on Victoria, when you describe about legislation, regulations, guidelines, etc. This can be found at Work Safe Victoria, Safe Work Australia, Victorian Work Cover Authority, OHS Reps @ Work, Health & Safety Executive, austlii and Comcare.

Part C:

Describe how building demolition industries should keep track of incidents in the workplace, and how it should investigate these.

Do a literature review to answer the following:

(a) Incident statistics (try to cover statistics reports of Victoria) – Discuss the use of safety statistics and reporting in setting up a best practice OHS management system. You should consider the role of an OHS plan, leading indicators and lagging indicators and who should receive these and why.

(b) Incident investigation (try to cover investigation reports of Victoria) – Discuss the role of incident investigations to improve the safety performance. What techniques should be used for different types of incidents and different types of building demolition industries?

Assessment Requirements:

Incident Statistics – Marks Allotted: 13/25

Look for understanding of the appropriateness of different types of incident recording and analysis processes; reporting; integration of OHS outcomes with broader organisational outcomes. (cognitive skills to review and analyse information)

Incident Investigation – Marks Allotted: 12/25

Look for understanding of the appropriateness of the different types of incident investigation processes; reporting and accountability; learning organisations. (cognitive skills to review and analyse information)

Layout / Presentation / Spelling / References – Marks Allotted: 0 to -5

English expression, spelling and layout must be appropriate. Use a recognized reference system (e.g. Harvard) for the literature review. (communication skills to demonstrate understanding of theoretical concepts and to transfer knowledge)



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