Work and Unemployment

| May 20, 2015

Weighting: 40%
The point of the Writing Exercises is that you engage in depth with ONE of the weekly topics that has been covered before the

due date (you cannot choose the wee you have covered in your first writing exercise). Your exercise should:

a) answer the weekly key question form the lecture by

b) defining and explaining in your own words the key concepts of the chosen week

c) refer to the reading(s) of the chosen week to back up your key points

Your reflection exercise is not allowed to exceed 800 words. The 10% rule does NOT apply! Do not reference the lecturer or

the lecture slides!

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

• Identify the characteristics of contemporary work societies and the prevalence of work and

employment for individual, organizational and social well-being.

• Recognize the risks and opportunities originating in the organization, structures and processes

characterizing work societies.

• Integrate and synthesize learning and knowledge from a range of sources and environments

to understand the link between economic and social roles of work and employment for

individuals and societies.
• Student will learn how to think sociologically.


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