Word 2013 help needed cover letter fast assignment

| November 16, 2015

Open cover letter doc and then save the doc as Wl1-c4-a1-coverletter.

Change the left and right margains to 1.25 iches.

Move the insertion pt to the beginning of the headings writing cover letters to people you know and then insert a blank page.

Insert a page break at the beginning of the heading writing cover letters to people you don’t know.

Move the insertion pt to the beginning ofthe doc and then insert the Filigree cover page.

Type job search strategies in teh (document title) placeholder.

Type Writing a Cover Letter in the (document subtitle) placeholder.

Type February 3,2015 in the (date) placeholder

Type career finders in the (company name placeholder)

Delete the company address placeholder.

Move the insertion pt to any character in the title WRITING A COVER LETTER and then insert the brackets 1 page numbering at the bottom of the page. The numbering will not appear on the cover page.

Make the doc active, tunr on the display of nonprinting characters,move the insertion pt to the blank line above the page break below the first paragraph of text in the doc, and then press the delete key six times. This deletes the page break on the first page and the page break creating a blank page 2 as well as extra hard turns. Turn off the display of nonprinting characters.



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