Womens Roles Then & Now

| February 3, 2014

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Write 3-4 page paper that responds to each of the items described in the topic. The project will reflect your views and interpretation of the topic. This project is designed to help you stretch your mind and your abilities to be creative & critical thinker. The inclusion of three required references, two additional sources besides the textbook. Text book – The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change, volume 2 (2nd edition) 2911 custom edition by Sayre, H.M. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Pearson Education. Subject – Women’s’ Roles Then & Now. Script a conversation between two notable women from the 18th & or 19th century on the roles women should play in society. Within the dialogue, include: (1) Biographical information for each women. (2) The historical status for women in general during the time period in which each woman lived. (3)What opinions each of the women might have on the role the women should play in society during their lifetimes. (4) What each of the women might think about women’s current roles?
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Working-Class Women in the Great Depression
Women in Films


Category: Gender and Conflict Studies, Gender Studies

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