Women on the Front-line

| January 22, 2014

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This weeks discussion board question is : After watching “Women on the Front-line” imagine a situation where the violence comes to an end in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and you are in charge of leading the country in its difficult road back to peace. What will you advocate for the perpetrators of the crimes described in the video: Restorative or retributive justice, and why? To answer this weeks Discussion board, First you need to read Chapter 15 , The PDF i will upload and then you need to watch the video i will put the link for you” Women on the front-line” In order to answer this this is just like the other discussion boards that i ordered in the past, You ‘re supposed to read other peoples discussion, There are 17 replays in the past discussion, I want you to read each by each, See what are other students response, i want you to write the best response from your view. Show page number, for supporting a definition you got from Chapter 15. Just follow other students, the way they wrote their response. The link to the movie is http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00vp5pk and read Redekop, Vern Neufeld, and Jean-Franзois Rioux. “Chapter 15: What Role Does Justice Play?
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