Women in Films

| February 3, 2014

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ASSIGNMENT: From the film Mildred Pierce, The Women, and Fatal Attraction examine and evaluate how these films deal with ONE of the following topics – work/career family/children romantic love/marriage friendship self-identity What is the relationship of the protagonist to this aspect of her life/herself? Is it a positive or a negative force in her life? How is this aspect expressed or manifested in the film? Does this change during the course of the film? If so, how? Be specific, providing concrete examples, citing scenes and dialogue to support your point. Mention recent films as relevant to compare/contrast. Take into consideration the time frame of the films, and discuss whether you see change over time. Try to use the assigned readings from Basinger, Haskell, de Beauvoir, and Faludi to inform your point of view. Length: The final paper must be 7 – 10 pages, typed, double-spaced, with citations where necessary according to MLA style. A bibliography citing at least 4 text sources (sources other than the films themselves and not including Wikipedia) should be provided, which does not count towards the required written pages. FORMAT FOR ALL PAPERS: All papers should be typed, double-spaced, footnoted as necessary according to MLA Style, and include a bibliography of sources you consulted (this should be a separate page, NOT included in the page count)
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Womens Roles Then & Now
The Evolution of wWmen's Roles in Egypt


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