Women History

| February 3, 2014

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You should interview at least two women in your family regarding their history of work. Before you begin the interviewing, please read the assigned reading “A Brief History of Working Women”. The idea is to shape the questions you ask during your interviews from the history covered in this reading, along with the textbook readings. The key assignment on the history of women and work in your family is a report which should be composed of the following sections: I. Introduction – start off by telling the reader the highlights about your research and talk about the women, providing us a glimpse of who these women are and their work lives. Give a hint of the interesting findings from your research and how your research relates to the history of women and work in the U.S. in general. II. Broad overview on the cultural/socioeconomic backgrounds and the history relevant to the women in your family, drawing upon the course readings. Use in-text citations wherever you quote or paraphrase material directly from the readings. You should follow APA style for in-text citations, as follows: After your cited text (McKee & Stone, 2007) or, According to McKee and Stone (2007), the gender roles involved … For a direct quote (McKee & Stone, 2007, p. #) III. Narratives of the work histories of women in your family IV. Relate these histories to key concepts such as the “cult of true womanhood”, sexual division of labor and the gender gap, American individualism, motherhood, extra-nuptial households, globalization, and discombobulation. Discuss two or more of these key concepts as they relate to the women of your study. V. Conclusion with critical reflections on the scholarship (readings) regarding the history of women and work in the United States. Where do you find the scholarship lacking? What needs to be further researched in the future? How do you position yourself within this historical stream of women and work in your family? Your report should be no less than six and no more than eight pages long, including the bibliography at the end, which should be formatted according to APA citation style. The overall format of the report is 1“ margins, 12pt font and double-spaced. If u can find any thing from the mckee and stone then i will put quotes in after for that.
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