Wireless Networks

| September 19, 2016

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In this assignment you need to write your response between 400-500 words for each of the following five (5) short questions. All questions are of equal value (3%). You should provide credible references for each question according to the APA referencing standard.
Question 1: Explain how antenna polarization can affect the reception of RF signals.
Question 2: Discuss the importance of standards in networking technology and in communications in general. Evaluate how standards have helped to shape commonly used devices such as cellular phones or mobile devices.
Question 3:

a. List and describe four potential high-rate WPAN applications.

b. Explain each field of Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) protocol stack.
Question 4: Explain interframe spaces as time gaps, and explain how the following interframe spaces work with CSMA/CA and DCF:

a. Short Interframe Space (SIFS), 10 microseconds

b. DCF Interframe Space (DIFS), 50 microseconds
Question 5:

Compare and contrast different IEEE and Wireless LAN standards among 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.

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Describe at least three ways in which digitization has changed the manner in which society consumes information.

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