William Henry Harrison a true American Hero

| February 3, 2014

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William Henry Harrison was born to a political family in Virginia State on February 9th 1773 .His father a plantation owner was one of the people who participated in the signing of the Declaration of independence. He was also at one point the governor of Virginia State. (David 1970). At the age of fourteen young William Harrison began a classical education as a result of which he became well versed in the Latin and French languages. As he grew older, his father wanted him to learn medicine and he chose to move him to Richmond and eventually the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he studied the practice of medicine. But unfortunately for the young William Harrison his father died less than a year after he had began studying at the University leaving him without any funds that could sustain his education. (David 1970). After his fathers death Harrison immediately joined the army at the age of eighteen (David 1970). And he was there after deployed to serve in the Northwest Territory where there was an ongoing war known as the ‘Northwest Indian war’. Due to his strict discipline Harrison was soon promoted to lieutenant
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