Will Coronavirus (COVID19) ever end?

| April 16, 2020

Will Coronavirus ever end?

COVID-19 has swept across the globe like a wild bush fire and has left most cities under lock down in a bid to try and contain the virus with globalization and socialization becoming a curse in aiding the spread of the virus. When it all started in Wuhan, it seemed farfetched and many people downplayed how fast it could spread and the impact it would have once it touched down to your area. By the time it was declared a pandemic it had affected thousands across the globe and right now people are in a state of anxiety and wondering when will coronavirus end? People want their lives back and miss the normal life they had taken for granted or otherwise not appreciated much. Among the first institutions affected were institutions of learning where universities have had to move their learning to online platforms to meet the learning needs of their students. In the coming days it is estimated that there will be a fragile balancing between the public interest and the economy and this has led to anxiety across the board.

Students who are still continuing with school online or have changed from normal attendance to online platforms have to deal with these feelings of anxiety, while adjusting to the new normal. Assignments and exams are still scheduled to take place so that they don’t fall behind in their studies and for many the uncertainty is affecting them and their overall output and performance in their studies. It is okay for the students to go through the emotions that everyone is feeling and reach out for help. Coping can happen through having hope that the pandemic will soon be over, getting a new hobby while on lock down, taking up a new skill and most importantly ensuring that you continue with your scheduled classes because there will definitely be a life after the pandemic.

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