will be about Tappan Zee Bridge ( Public policy)

| February 24, 2014

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One public policy position statement is required for this course. The objective of this paper is to provide a thorough understanding of a public service delivery system you have chosen to discuss. This review will help you to better understand the functioning, challenges, and successes of effective governance and management in the public sector.
This policy research paper is worth 20 points. You must select scholarly (peer-reviewed) or reputable journals from which to select your articles. There are several components to the paper that you must provide to receive full points, and these are detailed below and are to be found on the grading rubric. Please note you are to cite a minimum of six (6) scholarly or reputable sources in your paper. Please make sure no more than 2 journal articles were published prior to 2008.
1. The paper must be roughly between 8-10 double spaced pages, including the cover sheet and references.
2. A minimum of six journal articles must be included as references you have cited in your paper.
NOTE: as soon as I contact with a writer I will provide him/her detailed information cause there is very specific details I need to add it.
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