Why The World Should Worry About ISIS

Why The World Should Worry About ISIS
Al-Baghdadi declared an integration of two groups early 2013 and named them ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. ISIS is also called by the names: Da’esh, ISIL, SIC, or basically the Islamic State. The fact is this may be the strongest terrorist group in human history. According to a foreign magazine, America took longer to catch up, and only labelled ISIS as a terrorist group in February 2014. According to Inveen (2014), these are not individuals like Osama Bin Laden that hide in caves in the hills. These people control a territory with more than eight million people (Inveen, p1).
In recent times, ISIS claimed responsibility of the recorded executions of Steven Sotlof, James Foley, David Haines, Peter Kassig, and Alan Henning. The event left many Americans with numerous questions about the role of the government in fighting terror. It is clear that the ultimate goal of ISIS is similar to that of Al Qaeda: to create a strong Islamic political state. ISIS believes it can establish a society that replicates what was the perfect society: the one created during the Prophet Muhammad’s era (Mcbain, Para. 8).
The truth is the future does not look so promising when reflecting on the massacre of 1700 prisoners and the fleeing of more than half a million citizens. Human Rights organizations have recently voiced their concerns for prisoners who are under ISIS power. However, it is apparent that Iraq is deteriorating again and the implications are deeply distressing. Sadly, the repercussions affect the Middle East, and the world at large (Morse, para. 2).
In summary, ISIS is a big threat that might surpass Al Qaeda as the largest global terrorist group. It is the new face of international terrorism that the weak, alienated Iraqi cannot deal with.
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