Why is America so violent compared to other first world Countries

| February 15, 2014

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My professor gave us a lot of freedom with this essay. All she is requiring is that the paper be and informative essay with at least 800 words. I Already told her my thesis. I would like the main points to be:
1 The violent history of America from the time of the american revolution to now how we have had some tough times and developed a kill or be killed attitude.
segwaying into how our past laws have made being an outlaw so damn profitable and increased violence and murder ( Prohabtion or the war on drugs is what I was thinking). Finally we have a lot of poverty in urban areas where we continue the kill or be killed attitude.
the essays should be around 800 to 1100 Words.
please at least 3 paragraphs each topic.
feel free to change the points if needed, but stick to the central thesis.
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