Why Geography Matters by Harm de Blij

| February 17, 2014

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The book name : De Blij, Harm 2005 “Why Geography Matters: Three Challenges Facing America: Climate Change, the Rise of China, and Global Terrorism.” Paper : There will be 1 critical reaction papers(Aprox. 2 pages) to the required reading. You will write a short paper analyzing De Blij. Do not summerize the book, analyze the book.
Sample Paper
Executive summary
De Blij Harm, author of Why Geography Matters provides a penetrating approach into the interconnections that mark our decreasing world. In his characteristic approach the author proceeds to invoke a desire for the readers to be informed geographically. Published by oxford University Press in 2005, it shows how and why the author considers the U.S. to be illiterate as far as geography is concerned. Security issues are of great significance to the US and, de Blij Harm points at the consequences of security risks that geographical illiteracy has caused the country. This monographic masterpiece of artwork provides substantial and compelling reasons for the need to increase geographic literacy and professional expertise. At the core of achieving this are the American universities, citizens and particularly leaders who should be equipped with tools for understanding the physical and cultural climate of the world….ORDER NOW….http://unimasteressays.com/order/
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