Why do North Americans work so much and Europeans so little? What's up with Scandinavians?

| February 10, 2014

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This topic is the teacher’s wide topic, you should come up with some narrow down topic for the paper. Do not need to do research, there are 4 sources already provide by the instructor, please read it and use it all and only.I need a free outline for this paper, please upload it with the paper. If the writer need more information please let me know
Olovsson, C. (2009, 02). Why do Europeans work so little? International Economic Review
50 (1), 39–61.
Prescott, E. C. (2004). Why do Americans work so much more than Europeans? Federal
Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review 28 (1), 2–13.
Rogerson, R. (2006). Understanding differences in hours worked. Review of Economic Dynamics
9, 365–409.
Rogerson, R. (2007, July). Taxation and market work: is Scandinavia an outlier? Economic
Theory 32 (1), 59–85.
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